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Dedicated to helping customers improve
lubrication performance and eliminate
the drawbacks of traditional lubricants.





EcoSafe® ReviveTM is the only fluid treatment
designed to fully solubilize varnish and keep
it from ever coming back.

Lubrication Technology for Today’s World

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is at the forefront of synthetic lubrication technology. We continue to create, deliver, and technically support high-performance solutions that extend equipment life, reduce operating expense and help protect the environment. Today, polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and other specialty lubricants from ACT are at work globally, meeting the varnish control/cleanliness, fire resistance, biodegradability, water solubility and other demands of industry leaders in energy, metals, marine, amusement, tunneling, and die casting/forging.

“Pride in Personal Service”

For nearly 40 years, American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has been serving the lubrication needs of industry. Our drive and our commitment are to help our customers achieve the profitability and the competitive edge necessary to survive in today’s business environment.

We started out as KOIPCO, Inc. in 1975 as a distributor of grease products. Over the years we’ve met the challenges of a competitive marketplace and have established a reputation for providing unmatched customer service. Today, we carry a broad spectrum of quality products ranging from greases to our metalworking fluids and most significantly, our signature EcoSafe® PAG, non-varnishing, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

We are proud to service customers worldwide that represent a variety of industries; including but not limited to steel, aluminum, marine, pulp & paper, mobile equipment, tunneling, power generation and more. American Chemical Technologies, Inc. is now an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture and development of highly specialized lubricants.

As we continue to grow, our commitment to setting new standards for product performance and customer satisfaction will remain a keystone to our mission.

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