Power Generation

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has served the power generation (PowerGen) industry with our polyalkylene glycol (PAG) chemistry since early 2000’s. Our close involvement in the industry has led to product innovations that provide solutions where none previously existed.

Solutions for EHC Systems – Our success in the steel and aluminum industries led major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to encourage us to offer our synthetic PAG technology to the power generation industry. We responded by introducing EcoSafe® EHC fire retardant (FR) hydraulic fluid, a more worker-friendly alternative to phosphate ester fluids that solves moisture and heat issues in electro-hydraulic controlled (EHC) power generation systems. The first fluid installation was completed in 2004 and, after more than ten years of proven superior performance, EcoSafe® EHC is now used to lubricate more than150 EHC systems worldwide.

Solutions for Gas Turbine Systems – Varnish has become an increasing issue for gas turbine operators as mandates imposed on many lubricant companies to remove carcinogenic materials, which have in turn led to today’s Group III base stocks, and these products exhibit inferior solvency (ability to hold varnish in suspension). This is not an issue in an automotive crankcase containing a relatively small quantity of oil with detergents and dispersants to overcome base stock deficiencies; However, in a large frame turbine oil lube system with thousands of gallons of fluid and user service life expectations extending 10-20 years, premature varnish formation has become a major problem. Just a small amount of varnish can cause servo valves to stick and turbine units to automatically trip or shut down – an event that can result in high unplanned repair expense and lost megawatt production. ACT has responded with EcoSafe® TF-25 PAG-based turbine fluid, which reduces the potential for varnish formation in gas turbines to help ensure reliable long-term equipment service, extended equipment operating life, and lower overall maintenance and repair expense while protecting against unplanned shutdowns.

Additional Solutions – ACT PAG-based lubricants for the PowerGen industry today provide solutions for a range of applications. We continue to leverage the inherent characteristics of PAG base stocks to create innovations including cleaners that eliminate the need to flush turbine systems during lubricant change outs and patented additives that reduce the varnishing potential of conventional hydrocarbon-based turbine oils. Soon, ACT solutions will be available to solve the micro-pitting and moisture issues experienced “up tower” in the wind turbine market.