EcoSafe® EHC

EcoSafe® EHC fluids represent a significant advancement in fire-resistant hydraulic fluid technology.  These fully synthetic formulations deliver performance superior to premium anti-wear mineral oils, and offer significant performance and environmental advantages over other fluid options – including other synthetics.  EcoSafe® EHC fluids are especially formulated for electro-hydraulic control (EHC) valve service and other applications within fossil fuel power station operations, including high-pressure systems, systems with servo valves, and all robotics.

EcoSafe® EHC fluids are based on a very high VI, polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base stock combined with a non-metallic additive package.  The high dielectric properties of EcoSafe® EHC fluids eliminate electro-chemical erosion of EHC servo-valves and any electrostatic discharge within the system.  Unlike phosphate ester and polyol ester (including fully saturated synthetic ester) based fluids, they do not break down when exposed to water, minimizing potential for fluid degradation and system damage.  As a result, fluid change-out intervals are extended under even the most severe operating conditions.

EcoSafe® EHC fluids are classified as FM Approved industrial fluids by Factory Mutual.