EcoSafe® V Series

EcoSafe® V Series is the latest addition to the EcoSafe® line of hydraulic fluids designed for systems requiring readily biodegradable, nontoxic fluids with renewable content.  It can be used in industrial, marine and mobile equipment, including high-pressure systems, systems with servo valves, and all robotics.  It is formulated from a blend of high-quality, high-VI vegetable oils with polyalkylene glycol.  The carefully selected additive package provides the performance necessary for today’s high-pressure hydraulic circuits while satisfying the stringent criteria for biodegradability and low toxicity.  EcoSafe® V Series provides excellent anti-wear and film-strength characteristics necessary for hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions.

EcoSafe® V Series is a USDA certified biobased product in the USDA BioPreferred program.


EcoSafe V Safety Data Sheets

EcoSafe V Product Data Sheets