Hydrolube Concentrate from The Dow Chemical Company

A new patent-pending water-glycol hydraulic fluid (WGHF) technology used in lubrication formulations to provide improved fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe service conditions.

Based on optimized Dow polymer chemistry and a new high-performance additive package, UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube was designed particularly for hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear, and piston hydraulic pumps used in steel, aluminum, and die-casting industries. UCON ADVANTA™ represents Dow’s latest WGHF innovation and builds on our more than 60 years of experience with polyalkylene glycol WGHF chemistry.

UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube Concentrate enables the production of formulations with outstanding shear stability compared to traditional WGHF’s, reducing fluid maintenance, extending pump life, and reducing reconditioning requirements. An innovative friction
modifier provides excellent pump lubrication and can extend equipment service life while minimizing maintenance costs. The fluids also provide superior vapor phase and solution corrosion protection compared to traditional WGHF’s based on morpholine.

UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube Concentrate is used by formulators as the basis for high-performance water glycol hydraulic fluids suitable for use under higher temperature service conditions such as those found in steel and aluminum mills and die casting operations. Compared to traditional WGHF’s the favorable environmental profile of fluids formulated from UCON ADVANTA™ Hydrolube Concentrate also makes them an excellent choice in the formulation of fluids for other applications.

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