Environmentally Acceptable Hydraulic Fluids

No Sheen, Low Toxicity, Protection for Marine and Dockside Hydraulic Systems

UCON™ Trident™ AW fluids are high-performance hydraulic fluids ideally suited to meet the environmental, aquatic toxicity and performance demands of marine, dockside, or other shoreline systems. UCON™ Trident™ AW fluids will not hydrolyze and break down in the presence of water. However, in the event of a leak or spill, they are heavier than water and dissolve completely, leaving no surface sheen and eliminating the need for cleanup. UCON™ Trident™ AW fluids are anhydrous (water-free) polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based fluids and are classified as “Practically Non-Toxic” to fish or other aquatic wildlife by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. UCON™ Trident™ fluids are considered “readily biodegradable.”

Rated as “anti-wear” and available in three viscosity grades, UCON™ Trident™ AW hydraulic fluids have excellent load-carrying capabilities. They do not break down to form sludge and are formulated to provide adequate corrosion protection.

Although the fluids dissolve in water, water ingress in UCON™ Trident™ AW hydraulic fluids can be reduced to acceptable levels by vacuum dehydration.

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