EcoSafe® Revive

EcoSafe® Revive is a patented additive package that can be incorporated into any commercial hydrocarbon based turbine fluid to significantly reduce the issues associated with varnish formation and product instability. It significantly improves lubricity of the fluid and significantly reduces soft particle contamination by ISO 4406:1999. EcoSafe® Revive also significantly reduces Ultra-Centrifuge sediment rating in used fluids, pentane insolubles, and Membrane Patch Colorimetry results.

EcoSafe® Revive is 100% soluble and compatible with all major commercial hydrocarbon-based turbine fluids. Adding 10% EcoSafe® Revive requires no conversion process and reduces the reliance upon expensive varnish removal, abatement and remediation techniques.

EcoSafe® Revive is designed to be added at a 10% level to a pre-existing hydrocarbon-based turbine fluid in order to repair those identified with Caution, Abnormal, or Severe warnings or Elevated and High Varnish Potential ratings. EcoSafe® Revive does not replenish the existing anti-oxidants in used turbine fluids but rather improves them by adding premium antioxidants that specifically target varnish formation in used turbine fluids.