EcoGear® XP

EcoGear® XP Series are fully formulated, extreme-pressure lubricants for enclosed industrial gears. They are formulated to provide excellent lubrication, stability, and extended service life while eliminating many of the problems commonly encountered with petroleum gear lubricants. EcoGear® XP Series takes advantage of the many inherent advantages of polyalkylene glycol-base fluids as well as those of the superior additive package developed and proven as a zero wear gear lubricant using technology of aerospace engineering. The result is a superior gear lubricant that provides cost savings to the end user.

EcoGear® XP Series possess superior operating characteristics providing reduced operating temperatures, reduced friction, and very little wear. They are noncorrosive to metal surfaces and possess extreme pressure properties. Their excellent thermal and oxidative stability eliminates the need for frequent changeover due to premature oxidation of petroleum gear oils. EcoGear® XP Series exhibit excellent viscosity-temperature properties with viscosity indexes exceeding 200. This eliminates the need for seasonal changeover due to climatic temperature changes and allows wider operating temperature ranges than permissible with petroleum oils. Due to the high viscosity index exhibited by EcoGear® XP Series, they are not classified by one AGMA viscosity rating. EcoGear® XP Series will effectively span 2 or 3 AGMA petroleum lubricants over the operating range of most gearboxes.