Turbine System Cleaners

Conventional turbine oil formulations produce insoluble varnish that agglomerates and adheres to surfaces on critical components. When a gas turbine site considers a fluid change out, it typically coincides with the need to cleanse the system to remove these unwanted varnish deposits. Until now, the only option was to hire a flushing contractor to cleanse the system. This approach requires that the site be in a shutdown mode, with the contractor having full access to the equipment.
EcoSafe® Revive™ oil soluble polyalkylene glycol (PAG) cleaner from American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) provide gas turbine operators with an economical alternative to traditional flushing practices. Taking advantage of the natural detergent characteristics of PAG chemistry, EcoSafe® Revive™ naturally cleans varnished surfaces inside of the turbine system while the unit remains in operation. The cleaner is added to existing turbine lube oil in a 10-20% treatment, 90-120 days prior to change out. The PAG chemistry provides a synergistic cleansing affect, shifting the polarity of the turbine oil to allow it to solubilize any varnish in the system. When the system is shutdown for fluid change out, cleansing is complete, enabling the system to be more promptly drained and refilled.